Hi I’m Julie – The Maker, The Baker & The One Woman Force Behind Keto Smart Bakes!

Originally from Canada I landed in New Zealand ten years ago to pursue a career as a dental hygienist. I’ve always been into food and loved cooking and baking from a young age, but that wasn’t where my original career path lead me.

My keto journey started in 2018 shortly after I had my second baby. I fell in love with the lifestyle, the way it made me feel, and finally I found a way to eat all the foods I loved guilt free!

I went back to work part time as a dental hygienist in 2019, along with running a small lactation cookie business as a side hobby.

I transitioned from cookies into making keto pizza bases and soon I realised my passion was in the kitchen baking, not behind a mask ‘cleaning teeth’.

I eventually traded in my mask & scrubs for an apron & chefs cap to pursue my dream and passion of running and growing Keto Smart Bakes full time.

The range of products I offer has continued to expand from pizza bases to bagels, tortillas and garlic bread, with more to come!

I’m driven to deliver delicious, high quality and low carb products to my customers – whether following a keto lifestyle or not.

Everything I make is done in small batches, hand crafted, and delivered each week right to your door..

Thank you for the support of my hobby turned business and for making my dream a reality!

I can’t wait to bring you more amazing keto goodness in the months ahead!